Launch of the labelling system "SALAMATOUNA" for the automotive spare parts distribution channels

Mr. Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and the Digital Economy, proceeded with the launch of the labelling system "SALAMATOUNA" for the automotive spare parts distribution channels on Wednesday, 8 October 2017, in Casablanca.

The objective of "SALAMATOUNA" is to provide a label to the companies involved in the spare parts distribution channels, from the products’ launch on the market until they reach their final user. The label applies to manufacturers, importers, suppliers, distributors, resellers, retailers and wholesalers selling auto parts or spare parts for any other vehicle.

Mr. Elalamy pointed out "this system will strengthen the organisation of the spare parts distribution channel and fight counterfeiting more effectively while ensuring the safety of consumers by allowing them to identify the companies that sell authentic spare parts”.

The internal spare parts market, estimated at more than 10 billion dirhams, is the 2nd most affected market by counterfeiting after textile and is characterised by informal distribution, disruption of its distribution channels and the placing of counterfeit goods that contribute to the distressing toll of road accidents.

The "SALAMATOUNA" label is the result of a public/private collaboration initiated by the National Committee for Industrial Property and Anti-Counterfeiting (CONPIAC), chaired by the Ministry. This initiative has been the subject of extensive consultations with all parties involved in the spare parts distribution chain (industry, importers and distributors) and with consumer associations.

"SALAMATOUNA" is a collective certification trademark managed by the Moroccan Institute of Standardisation (IMANOR) on the basis of specific rules of use. All companies operating in the sector and complying with label's rules of use, in particular in terms of traceability and conformity of marketed parts to quality standards, can benefit from the right of use of the label, which is granted by the Labelling Committee chaired by this Ministry.

The entire labelling process is managed by a digital platform developed and administered by OMPIC. This platform is also a management space for the Labelling Committee, allowing it to manage labelling applications, audit reports and unannounced checks as well as awarding the label.

The platform offers the general public and consumers a countrywide geolocation service to locate the nearest certified suppliers.

Outreach workshops, to be held over a period of 3 months, will be organised for the benefit of industry, retail trade and industrial property enforcement authorities.