Trader Social Protection





As part  of the implementation of the High Royal Guidelines of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, relating to the generalization of Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO), the Ministry of Industry and Trade has contributed to the acceleration of the accession of traders to the AMO. Thus, the implementing decrees relating to traders subject to the Single Professional Contribution (CPU), accounting and auto-entrepreneur regime were adopted by the Government Council on 17 November 2021.


In this sense, traders in these three regimes began to effectively benefit from AMO from January, February and March 2022 respectively.  Thus, more than 300,000 merchants have benefited from the AMO.


In addition, it is worth recalling the signing, in April 2022, of a partnership framework between the Ministry, the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), the Directorate General of Taxes and the Coordination of the most representative professional associations, which aims to popularize the social security coverage scheme and the single professional contribution to traders and the launch of reflections on the other components of this Royal project,  in particular family allowances and the pension scheme in accordance with predefined deadlines.


As a result, several series of meetings and awareness and information sessions for traders were organized by the Ministry in partnership with the CNSS, the Directorate General of Taxes and traders' associations.


In addition, the Ministry plans, in collaboration with the professional associations and departments involved, the implementation of awareness-raising and communication actions in order to generalize and accelerate the enrolment of traders in compulsory health insurance in accordance with the deadlines defined in the Royal Guidelines.