Ministry Departments


The Ministry of Industry and Trade includes, in addition to the General Council, the Secretariat-General, the Inspectorate-General and decentralized services ; the directorates and departments below :


- General Direction of Industry

The Automotive Industry Department  is responsible for developing the national strategy for the development of the automotive industry sector, ensuring its implementation and monitoring. It coordinates with the relevant stakeholders in defining action plans for the national strategy for developing the automotive industry sector, and ensures monitoring and implementing them. 
The Department also welcomes investors in the automotive industry, informing and guiding them. In addition, it contributes to developing the regulatory and legislative framework related to the sector.

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The Aeronautical, Railway, Naval and Renewable Energy Industries Department is responsible for defining and implementing the industrial strategy for the development of the Aeronautical, Railway, Naval and Renewable Energy industries sectors, with a vision of ensuring the industrial sovereignty of the Kingdom. 
Moreover, the Department defines the skills to be developed locally in order to strengthen the local value chain and promote "Made in Morocco". In addition, the Department provides end-to-end support to project promoters wishing to develop projects in Morocco, from defining the Business Plan to the effective start of operations and post-launch support and monitoring actions. 
Furthermore, the Department participates in the development of the industrial offset strategy of the Ministry.

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- General Direction of Trade 


The Domestic Trade and Distribution Department is firmly committed to promoting and developing the various domestic trade activities across the country. Its main mission is to support stakeholders in this sector through specific initiatives aimed at strengthening their competitiveness and stimulating growth in a sector that is essential to the national economy.
The Department is also committed to modernizing and structuring the sector through targeted initiatives for each trade format. It also aims to improve the legal and social environment of traders, promote "Made in Morocco" products and encourage digitization and investment.  
Its objective is to support the competitiveness of trade actors and stimulate growth in this key sector for the Moroccan economy.

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The Consumer Protection, Market Surveillance and Quality Department has the mission to promote fair competition among economic operators in the local market and to ensure consumer protection. 
It oversees verifying the compliance of industrial products placed on the domestic market with regulatory requirements and truthful business practices. It also oversees ensuring the accuracy of instruments used for measuring the quantity and quality of consumer products. Additionally, it protects consumers from unfair commercial practices and risks arising from the use of industrial products and illicit practices.
The Department aims to protect consumers' health, safety, economic interests and civil rights through regulation and oversight of business activities in the country.

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The International Trade Relations Department has the mission to implement the government's policy on multilateral, regional and bilateral trade, in coordination with the relevant government departments. Its main missions include not only coordinating and contributing to the preparation, conduct and follow-up of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations, but also analyzing and monitoring topics covered by trade agreements concluded by Morocco.
It is also tasked with disseminating information received to public administrations and the private sector, in order to prepare the work of the joint committees for economic and commercial cooperation and ensure its follow-up. In addition, it contributes to analyzing the effects of preferential agreements on the national economy and prepares comparative studies on Morocco's foreign trade.

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-  Transverses Directions 

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The Human Financial Resources, Information Systems and General Affairs Department within the ministry plays a crucial role in several areas. Firstly, it manages human resources by implementing measures aimed at improving their efficiency and strengthening their skills. Additionally, it identifies required positions and competencies, and develops evaluation and staff development programs. Furthermore, the department develops the ministry's continuing training strategy and ensures regular monitoring. From a financial perspective, it develops and implements the ministry's budget, also ensuring rigorous monitoring. Moreover, it works closely with other ministries to establish a modern and effective information system. Regarding infrastructure, the department is responsible for managing networks and communications, as well as maintaining equipment and IT applications. Additionally, it establishes the annual work program, procurement of goods and services, and ensures their implementation and monitoring.

The department also organizes user reception services within the ministry and handles all logistical aspects. It oversees management of the ministry's movable and immovable assets, controlling and ensuring their maintenance. Furthermore, in coordination with the Moroccan Archives Agency, the department develops an integrated and effective archive management approach in line with current legislation. Finally, it promotes social actions for ministry employees and evaluates programs and work related to financial and administrative management.

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