Pilot Operation: Pre-launch of self-employment status

The Self-employment status, adopted by the House of Councillors in January 2015, has been officially launched.

Those eligible for this status (see the list of excluded occupations) can request a self-employed card by providing a photocopy of their national identity card, a recent photograph, and a completed registration form. The dossier can then be submitted at any Poste Maroc office (Moroccan post office). There is a dedicated website on which the progress of the application can be tracked.

A turnover of 200,000 or 500,000 dirhams

Apart from the occupations and services excluded from the self-employment scheme, the status applies to those who work independently and have either an annual turnover not exceeding 200,000 dirhams for services or not exceeding 500,000 dirhams for commercial, industrial and craft activities.

Tax returns filed at the post office

Tax returns, payment of taxes and social security payments can be made at the post office, which provides the largest network of branches in the country.

A further advantage: the self-employed are not required to possess premises (office or workshop) to register their activity. They can simply use their residence as their official address, whether they are an owner or simply a tenant.

Leaving the informal sector

Completed in a record time of 11 months, the creation of the self-employed status will allow hundreds of thousands of Moroccans to escape an insecure informal status and assume an official status providing social and medical protection.