Morocco/Ivory Coast: Strengthening cooperation in the field of SME development

Mr. Mamoune Bouhdoud, Minister delegate in charge of small businesses and the integration of the informal sector has received, on Wednesday 17 February 2016, in Rabat, Mr. Anzoumana Moutayé, Ivorian Minister of National Entrepreneurship, Promotion of SME and Handicrafts, in a work visit to Morocco.

This meeting was an opportunity to discuss the mechanisms for the development and promotion of Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises implemented by both countries and examine the perspectives for development of a partnership in this field.

With this regard, Mr. Bouhdoud and Mr. Anzoumana signed a Memorandum Of Understanding on the development of bilateral cooperation for the promotion of Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises.

On this occasion, M. Bouhdoud has expressed his satisfaction with the outstanding partnership between Morocco and Ivory Coast, further strengthened by the signature of this Memorandum Of Understanding, given the importance of Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises in the economic fabric of both countries and the need to support and encourage the creation of competitive entrepreneurial ecosystems able to create wealth and jobs.