Launch of the 19th Quality Week under the theme of “Quality: what winning strategies for tomorrow's businesses?”

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy organised on Monday 9 November at the Mohammedia School of Engineering in Rabat, the launch of the 19th National Quality Week, in partnership with the Moroccan Association for Quality (Union Marocaine pour la Qualité -UMAQ).

The event whose theme is “Quality: what winning strategies for tomorrow's businesses?” aims at a better understanding of the future of quality processes in businesses, especially in the context of changing managerial methods and economic environment. The ultimate goal being to raise awareness amongst various economic players regarding the importance of quality and to bring the concept forward, at the heart of their development strategies in order to improve their competitiveness.

The improvement of competitiveness of Moroccan businesses is indeed an essential part of the Industrial Acceleration Plan.
Targeted and integrated support for quality improvement is planned for the SME fabric; allowing them to consolidate, modernize and improve their competitiveness.

Moreover, the Department of Commerce and Industry endeavours to provide an environment favourable to improving quality, particularly through the consolidation of the Moroccan normative background, which now includes about12,500 standards, and the development of a system of certification and accreditation of assessment bodies in compliance with international norms.

On the other hand, the legal framework regulating quality control and consumer protection has been strengthened by the enactment of the law n° 31-08, relating to the protection of consumers and the law 24.09 on the safety of products and services which helped generalize the control of all products. This new framework contributes to guarantee a favourable environment for the development of business and encourages enterprises to improve the quality of their products.

Further actions are being implemented under the Moussanada program. They include supporting businesses for the adoption of an efficient labelling and quality management system, based on recognized norms.
The launching of the 19th National Quality Week will be followed by organisation of conferences until November 13 2015, throughout the country, organised by the delegations of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy in collaboration with local partners.