The industry has created 288.126 jobs between 2014 and 2017 and is now a major job provider

+ 17% of industrial VA and exports increased by an average of 10.3% per year.

These figures were compiled using the exhaustive list of formal industrial enterprises, broken down by sector, ecosystem, city and region, whose data were collected from the CNSS (National Social Security Fund).

"The industrial sector is positioning itself as a major job provider. In fact, 288,126 jobs were created in the various industrial sectors between 2014 and 2017, "announced Moulay Hafid Elalamy. "The Industrial Acceleration Plan, launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God assist, delivers on its promises and makes a tangible contribution to the issue of employment. We have achieved nearly 58% of the target set for 2020 and by keeping up this pace in the coming years, we will exceed it”, he added.

The automotive sector, which contributes to 29% of job creations, recorded the highest employment growth (83,845 jobs), reflecting its strong development momentum. The share of offshoring is 18%, while that of agribusiness is 16%. Textile-clothing accounts for 13% of new jobs, followed by metal and metal industries (6%), construction (4%) and aeronautics (3%).

These achievements attest to the relevance of public-private partnership, as well as the efficiency of ecosystems, true levers for job creation and industrial emergence.

A positive trend in industrial value added was recorded with growth of + 17% between 2014 and 2016.

Industrial exports, have reached more than 149.4 billion dirhams in 2017, registering an average annual growth of 10.3% per year, since 2014. These performances are attributable to the progressive transformation of the industrial fabric that has highly densified and which has also been enriched by new jobs, with great export abilities. They are also the result of the increased demand of global manufacturers for components made in Morocco.

Under the leadership of His Majesty the King, the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-2020 (IAP) engages the national industry in a process of irreversible progress supporting sustainable structural growth and stimulating job creation.