Fifth edition of the Automobile Subcontracting Show

The Moroccan Association for Automotive Industry and Trade (AMICA), in partnership with Tanger Med Zone, Renault Morocco, Peugeot Citroën Automobile, Atlantic Free Zone and AIZFET, is organizing the fifth edition of the Automobile Subcontracting Show in Tangier Free Zone, from 25th to 27th of April 2018, under the theme "Automotive subcontracting to speed up the sector’s growth and boost new jobs".


The inauguration ceremony chaired by Mr. Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, was held in the presence of Mr. Marc Nassif, Morocco Country Manager at RENAULT Mr. Rémi Cabon, Managing Director of PSA MAROC and Mr. Hakim Abdelmoumen, President of AMICA.

This show aims to create a pool for local sourcing/networking and to highlight the undeniable assets and achievements of an industry that has transformed, over the years, into a real driver for growth and industrial acceleration for the Kingdom. As a leading export sector representing 29% of the country's exports and a turnover of 7 billion Euros, the automotive industry is continuing to evolve with the aim of reaching more than 10 billion Euros in turnover by 2020.

Reaching this objective is fully achievable thanks to the growing interest of several car manufacturers into sourcing in Morocco (PSA - Renault - VW - Ford ...), the arrival of new equipment manufacturers and new trades in the context of the recent signature of 26 new investment conventions in the presence of His Majesty King Mohamed VI, may God assist him.

Mr. Elalamy said, on this occasion, that the show highlights the many assets of a sector characterised by great vitality and a dramatic growth. Since the launch of the 2014-2020 Acceleration Plan, the transformation experienced by the automotive industry provides better visibility and opens up a wide range of opportunities for operators in the sector.

The even is an outstanding success, as shown by the 10% rise in participation for this year’s edition of the show, compared to the previous edition and the 125% rise compared to the first edition (150 participants only). Thus, over 300 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation during this important event, which will allow them to unveil their latest news and outsourcing offers. The show will take place on the Tangier Free Zone site (South Gate) on an area ready to welcome more than 5,000 visitors in search of the latest market innovations.

Today, Tangier Free Zone is the first port area as it is home to more than 500 equipment manufacturers. The objective of the show is to promote the exchange between vehicle manufacturers- automotive parts suppliers - of first and second ranks on the one hand, and subcontractors on the other, as well as to meet the needs of subcontracting needs currently estimated at 600 Million Dirhams, which are expected to exceed one billion by 2020:


  • Logistics services 140 ME
  • Design and manufacturing of special machines 50 ME
  • Tools (Plastic injection, stamping...) 50 ME
  • Various production consumables 60 ME
  • Maintenance and implementation of industrial resources 45 ME
  • Metal packaging, plastic and cartons 45 ME
  • Personal protective equipment 20 ME
  • Training 25 ME
  • Various tertiary services 20 ME
  • Engineering 30 ME
  • Means of control 10 ME
  • Calibration of control means 5 ME
  • Spare parts 10 ME
  • Various 40 ME


Purchasing and technical managers of equipment manufacturers, world leaders in their fields and major contractors will be present at the show in order to seize business opportunities and formalise win-win partnerships.

With the two RENAULT-NISSAN plants, the forthcoming commissioning of the PEUGEOT CITRÖEN Project and the imminent establishment of the Chinese manufacturer BYD who is undertaking the creation of a complete industrial ecosystem around green mobility with a production capacity of more than 100,000 electric cars per year, the sector is ahead of the targets set by the 2014-2020 Industrial Acceleration Plan.