call for projects: Innovation and industrial R&D support 2024

the Ministry of Industry and Trade launched, in consultation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, MAROC PME and the CGEM, the 2nd edition of the call for projects relating to this program, with the aim of identifying and selecting , for the year 2024, the best innovation and industrial R&D projects, eligible for financial support from the State through the Innovation Support Fund.

Offer 1: Support for the valuation of patents
Support for the industrial/commercial valorization of patents through financial support of 80%, capped at 1 million MAD per project.

Offer 2: Support for industrial R&D/Innovation projects
Support for R&D/Innovation projects related to the development of new products/processes, through financial support of 60%, capped at 4 millions MAD per project.

Offer 3: Support for industrialization in the pilot phase
Support for industrialization in the pilot phase of innovative products, through financial support of 30%, capped at 5 millions MAD per project.

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Project leaders wishing to benefit from the R&D and Innovation program, are invited to submit their application files from 12 February, 2024, to the following address: 

Ministère de l’Industrie et du Commerce, Division des Plateformes Technologiques et des Clusters. Quartier administratif – Rabat Chellah


Contacts :

- Phone : 05 37 73 93 46/ 06 61 42 69 28

- Email: