Innovation Support Fund

The “Innovation and R&D” component is now a key factor for the creation of added value, the development of local integration, the consolidation of the competitiveness of the productive sector and the improvement of the technological level of Morocco. It represents an essential lever for strengthening the industrial, food and health sovereignty of the Kingdom.


It is in this context that a new Innovation Support Fund agreement was signed between the State, Maroc PME and the CGEM for the establishment of a new program to support industrial innovation for support for innovation and R&D projects in industrial sectors, carried out by industrial companies, with a view to consolidating their competitiveness and improving their performance.


In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is launched, in consultation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, MAROC PME and the CGEM, the 1st edition of the call for projects relating to this program, with the aim of identifying and selecting , for the year 2023, the best innovation and industrial R&D projects, eligible for financial support from the State through the Innovation Support Fund.


The program implemented offers a unique opportunity for support and accompaniment in the realization of your project.





On support for industrial innovation, this programme represents an integrated offer that aims for supporting industrial companies throughout their research and development, prototyping and industrialisation process in the pilot phase. 

It is structured around the following three complementary offers: 





Offer 1: Support for the valuation of patents

Support for the industrial/commercial valorization of patents through financial support of 80%, capped at 1 million MAD per project.


Offer 2: Support for industrial R&D/Innovation projects

Support for R&D/Innovation projects related to the development of new products/processes, through financial support of 60%, capped at 4 millions MAD per project.


Offer 3: Support for industrialization in the pilot phase

Support for industrialization in the pilot phase of innovative products, through financial support of 30%, capped at 5 millions MAD per project.







Participants in this program offer themselves the opportunity to develop their R&D projects, industrial technological development, product/process innovation and/or patent valorization, which will strengthen their competitiveness and promote their growth.









Interested industrial companies may submit an application for one or more offers under the above-mentioned programme.

Download the regulation on the support programme for industrial innovation


Access the accompaniment request form

 Project leaders wishing to benefit from the TATWIR - R&D and Innovation program, are invited to submit their application files from 12 February, 2024, to the following address: 

Ministère de l’Industrie et du Commerce, Division des Plateformes Technologiques et des Clusters. Quartier administratif – Rabat Chellah



Contacts :

- Phone : 05 37 73 93 46/ 06 61 42 69 28

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